Emotion Code Testimonials

Agitation with Dementia

My husband Bruce had a mild stroke about 10 years ago. He's had dementia for a few years before a hip replacement last July. After the surgery he became confused and eventually lost short term memory. He had a total joint knee replacement 3 times on 1 knee. He also had groin hernia surgery and still has 1 in his stomach.

His bowels were not good either - often loose. Also, he had heartburn, back pain and a few months ago started having hip pain on the left. He had surgery on the right, because of the aches and pain in his body. He never had a good sleep and often needed to get up 3-5 times a night visit the bathroom.

He had very little energy. He could only walk for about 20 minutes. He had no motivation and patience for anything. He would get agitated by the slightest trigger on a daily basis; if he didn't get what he wanted right away he became suicidal. He might get violent by banging his head on or kicking the walls. Once a neighbour called the police get help to stop him. He was in a nursing home for a few months but he didn’t like it so he is backing home. I take care of him. I find it difficult to handle his condition.

I took Bruce to Angela’s clinic. Bruce was so agitated he couldn’t even sit down. The treatment was cancelled on that day. On our way home we talked and both agreed for Angela to do distance healing for Bruce instead. So I asked Angela to do it that night.

Angela did a distance healing 3 times for Bruce. He had big improvements because now he is able to have a deep, long sleep and is not getting up so many times. He seldom complains of his sore back now. His bowel motions are better as well. Also, while having the treatment his agitation was getting less and less.

It is remarkable is that after the 3rd healing session, Bruce totally changed to a new person. He hasn’t played golf for more than 2 years and all of a sudden he decided to go back to playing golf by signing up to become a member once again. Now he plays every day for 3-4 hours a day. On Good Friday, I was surprised when he joined me in our 14 Stations of the Cross, a catholic ritual where we walk up to the top of the mountain. In between we need to stop 14 times to pray. It was like a miracle because he never believed in my religion and never went with me to church.

Bruce's short memory is improving too. When I am going out he comes to see me to bus stop. He got his energy and motivation back. He's more eager to look after our verge patch now than before.
Thank you Angela, I am looking forward to working together with you to help Bruce restore his health totally and have a normal quality of life once again.
Helped improve my own and my dog's confidence
"After the treatments, I am feeling very well and confident and am happy. In general I think I am more relaxed and positive also more loving towards my husband and patient. Dash is doing ok. His digestion is a bit more stable and his confidence has improved slightly as well. Maybe another treatment once you are back? 
Removed negative emotion from past
"I just wanted to thank you for today, and thank you for helping me. I realised something when I left this morning, there was a song playing when I turned on the radio and the words ‘hit’ something in me.  I realised that the abandonment that came up in my healing had nothing to do with my ex-husband; it has everything to do with me. When my marriage fell apart, I believe I left myself. I shut down and did not honour what I had been through, who I am or who I was to become. I am who left, and I was not true to myself over many years after my marriage ended. I was in a non-emotional, protecting, controlled stage, but now I am ready!! My life is honoured, precious, and wonderful. I have been part of creating it, and now I need, WILL enjoy it. Thank you, for helping me realise this is ME, I am safe to be ME. No need to reply to this Angela, I just wanted you to hear me that I am so happy to have meet you.