About Angela

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1984 Angela Ning Zhang - Chinese Military hospital nurse 1996 Angela Ning Zhang- founder of Chinerchi Therapy Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) on 5th Sep 2010 2016  Angela Ning Zhang developed CET Emotional Balance

Angela ning Zhang was born in Najing city, China, and grew up in Dalian city.

Angela received nursing education at Chinese military medical school, and graduated from NZ School of acupuncture & TCM.

Angela worked as a military hospital nurse in several hospitals for over 10 years.

In 1990 Angela immigrated to New Zealand and in 1995 started the Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic.

Angela Ning Zhang is the founder of Chinerchi therapy, pioneers for using non Medicine healing techniques. She is a revolutionary thinker, by putting traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing concepts together to develop a brand new understanding in health care, Chinese energy therapy. 

Chinese energy therapy is practiced and developed by Angela since 1995.

Angela is an extraordinary learner and healer. Angela has a passion for healing work and compassion to feel patients pain. In the last 14 years, Angela has helped many patients to restore their health and changed their lives.

Angela speaks fluent English and is well adapted to western culture. All her patients are impressed by her professionalism and warm manner.