Chinerchi Therapy

Chinerchi Philosophy

Two reasons for all diseases:
  1. Natural energy is depleted
  2. Toxin overload
Three keys for best healing:
  1. Increase Energy flow
  2. Detoxification 
  3. Whole body treatment
ONE guiding principal:
  1. To treat the cause and heal the whole body.  By treating the cause we remove the symptoms and treat the problems at specific locations, as well as the whole body at the same time.

What is Chinerchi Therapy?


Chinerchi Therapy is made up of two parts:
Part one: We use traditional Chinese Medicine Theory (TCM) as a principle to diagnose your health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine believes the 5 vital organs - the heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidney energy are in charge of your whole body functions. These five organs closely interact. No one organ can be healthy alone. Regardless of what your health problems are, we always look at the whole picture of your health, to treat the cause and to heal the whole body

Part two:  We view the human body as an energy field. All health problems are related to the energy blockages and accumulated toxins. We use 3 natural healing techniques:
1. energy treatment
2. implant
3.CET Emotional Balance

On your body we find energy points and meridians in order to get your body energy to flow and remove toxins which result in your health being restored holistically.


How does Chinerchi Therapy work?

We use the most effective natural healing techniques combining the very best from ancient and modern times from the East and the Western world. Chinerchi Therapy does not use traditional acupuncture needles, herbs, massage, supplements, drugs or surgery.
Our 3 techniques:
Energy Treatment Improves your energy flow and removes toxins from your skin, muscles and joints.
Implant Acupuncture Improves your energy flow and detoxifies at the same time, working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Body Detox An in-depth detoxifying regime working on your colon and liver.

These 3 techniques can be individual treatments, but to achieve the best results we recommend a combined package because these techniques working together deliver the best results.

Who needs Chinerchi Therapy? 
 Group one:
If you suffer from chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, eczema or other health ailments and you wish to reduce or eliminate your dependence on medical drugs or avoid invasive surgery. If you want to live a healthy pain free life!
Group two:
If you feel the age clock ticking, see wrinkles appearing on your face, regardless of your healthy eating and exercise, or if you are unhappy with your body shape, have trouble digesting food, are unable to have a deep sleep, find it hard to lose weight, your joints becoming stiff and you are lacking energy and enthusiasm for life. You are searching for a natural path to wellness, anti-ageing and maintaining youthfulness.
Group three:
You are energetic, youthful, with a passion for work and living?  Do you wish you had the energy to achieve peak performance?  Do you wish to stay this way for as long as you can so you can fulfill all your dreams and plans? Chinerchi Therapy is your answer!


Chinerchi Therapy is a unique therapy different from any other natural therapies in the world

  • Brand new concept: Take Traditional Chinese Medicine principles - view human body has inner organs dynamic connection, and links it with modern universal of energy healing principle together. Create a revolutionary understanding in health care and take natural healing theories into the next level.
  • Brand new treatment technique systems: Energizing the body and detox the body same time, regardless of patients health conditions, the whole body treatment is a key for holistic healing. This brand new system works more powerful and achieves healing result beyond many other common natural mythos. Also Chinerchi Therapy uses unique Chinese face map reading for health diagnoses and unique Chinese Energy diet focused on empower your digestion to restore your health and much more.
 Welcome to the Chinerchi Therapy clinic where you will learn and experience                       Ancient Chinese Wisdom and the secret art of healing. 
Chinerchi Therapy is a remarkable development in the history of natural healing, and a medical and cosmetic breakthrough.  It is much more powerful than using natural herbs, supplements, traditional acupuncture, drugs, cosmetic surgery and procedures, creams or Botox.  Chinerchi Therapy assists in the healing of chronic diseases, reduces or frees you from dependence on medical drugs, maintains wellness and is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle phenomenon! In the past 13 years Chinerchi Therapy has helped thousands of patients from different nationalities, different professions and different age groups to restore their health and to get a new lease on life. In the Chinerchi Therapy clinic and on the Chinerchi Therapy website, you are able to view hundreds of testimonials with real names and genuine photos telling the power of this unique therapy. 

Why should you choose Chinerchi therapy?

  1. Chinerchi Therapy is 100% natural, no side effects.
  2. This is a very effective treatment with a success rate of 95 % (see testimonials).
  3. This therapy works for your whole body and treats the cause, not only the symptoms; therefore Chinerchi Therapy is effective in the long term.
  4. Chinerchi Therapy is a safe and friendly treatment,suitable for any age group of patients.

Chinerchi The Brand

My brand logo has the following meaning:

Chinerchi can be broken into 3 parts:

Part 1: Chine         Chine - stands for China or Chinese
Part 2: Enerchi      Enerchi – stands for energy
Part 3: Chi              Chi - in Chinese language is energy

Sometimes Chi could translate to Qi.

Chinerchi = Chinese Energy

       qi logo final
 The Chinerchi Logo
       qi only
In the middle is the Chinese character of energy – the pronunciation is Chi.
       circle only
The outside circle is like the well known  NZ koru symbol associated with  beginning of life and harmony.


Chinerchi involves universal energy and thus offers possibilities for healing that have no limits and no ending.

4 qi 156 117-417  education

1 Maori Koru Symbol

4.jpgKoru is the5.jpg Maori word for the unfurling fern frond of New Zealand's silver fern. Both the symbol as the baby fern are characterized by an inward, circular or spiral shape.

Symbolise new life, growth, strength and peace and harmony,  tranquillity,


2 The Spiral Symbol 

Spirals in general it’s meaning as a symbol of life and universal energy growth and movement. And primarily known is one of the oldest symbols of life that occurs in many cultures.
Science knows these spirals as structures in a field known as the 'quantum vacuum' that contains the energy source of life and all being.  
The spiral is the most widespread shape in nature. For example, if we look at the natural world around us we can see that plants, trees and climbing plants naturally spiral towards the sunlight as they grow. Seashells, ferns, cow horns and snails are all spiral in form. Also in our bathtub we see water draining away in a spiraling fashion. Free-falling objects fall in a spiraling motion. 

Chinerchi logo has emerged from the Chinese character of energy 'Chi' with a Koru spiral together to represent Chinerchi Therapy is based on Traditional Chinese philosophy of natural energy healing, while working within New Zealand's natural environment and using all original universal energy tools together to achieve healing humanity and to promote wellness.

Chi is life essence and force, although each loop of the spiral brings us back to the very original the same place, it takes us to a higher and more evolved level of developments, such as health, wellness or spiritual and humanity.

Chinerchi Therapy is developed in New Zealand
angela photo 2016 Chinerchi Therapy has been developed and practiced by Angela Ning Zhang since 1995. Thousands of patients have benefited from this therapy. Angela received her medical education in China and New Zealand. Angela has a passion for natural healing and longevity. She frequently travels the world researching and learning to further enrich the Chinerchi Therapy.
Angela Zhang
Founder of
Chinerchi Therapy