Clinic Diary


5 month bronchitis healed after two visits 

Vicky is a 44 year old professional woman who has had a bad cough since March this year. That started from a cold than developed to bronchitis mixed with asthma. Vicky can not breathe though her nose having had sinus since she was 17 years old. The cough and blocked nose go together and give her headaches every day. She is not able to have restful sleep. The doctor has been giving her 3 courses of antibiotics. The symptoms are getting worse.
Vicky only had two treatments on 13 August and 15 August before I went to Sydney for training. 27 August is her third visit. When I saw Vicky today she was a changed person. No cough, no blocked nose, no headaches and having   good sleep and much better energy. Plus other good news: Vicky has stopped taking inhalers and pain killers, after her second visit.
Two brothers got the same type of cancer at the same time and only one survived

Barry is a patient whom I've known for more than 10 years. In Sep 2007 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He went in for a blood test because his brother Tom who was 18 months older than Berry had had prostate cancer in July 2007.  The blood test report was bad news .Barry's cancer had already spread. The doctor said that there was no treatment suitable for him. If he is lucky he could only have a year to live.
Tom was a lucky person. His cancer had not spread so he could go ahead having all medical treatment available.
Barry's   PSA reading was 68 the normal should be  0-10 . Barry started treatment with me in Nov-2007 Two month later his PSA reading was down to 13, then 9 months later became 0.6. He has maintained the same reading till now. Four years later Barry is 78 years old and  still lives a happy and comfortable life. Last month Barry with wife Betty has just moved in to his own self designed, new home.
Brother Tom, after a year's radiation and chemo treatment lost a kidney. After  a second year of treatment he lost an arm and two weeks after his arm was removed he died in hospital.

"Rosacea" rash on face significantly improved- Alison

Alison's story: The "rosacea" rash I have had for many years   This reddish rash, which has often come and gone on my face, occurs mainly on my chin, around my nose and on my forehead; my eyes have also been affected and the whites can appear redder.  The condition has significantly improved since I started your treatment plan.

I noticed that the rosacea rash was usually triggered when I did not have enough sleep and when I was overloaded, stressed, or anxious.  It was also exacerbated when I ate certain foods, for example comfort foods, or when I used face creams or medications that caused an allergic reaction. 

 I believe that undertaking your detoxing diet and subsequent treatment was very helpful in eliminating the toxins that had built up in my system, partly as a result of the food and medicines that I had ingested.

Your treatments also helped to improve my health and physical appearance in other areas as well.  For instance, when I felt sad or let down, it showed on my face (I looked very down in the mouth) and when I felt unsupported or financially stressed I could feel the tell-tale signs in my lower back which tended to go out more easily at such times.  The nerve pinching in my back was very painful so I used traditional western medicine to relieve the pain however, I have found that implant acupuncture and emotion code were also most helpful.

Thank you Angela, these treatments have not only been helping me to improve my physical appearance, they have also been helping me to improve my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and consequently my relationships and my love life as well.


Agony on face with missing social connection

Anthony is a 17 year- old school boy having severe pimples on face for past 7 years and the parents have visited to numerous skin specialists with him. He was prescribed with lots of skin creams and medications. None of these treatments had a long term answer and also resulted in some side effects.
His mum brought him to my clinic at the second week of June. I had looked at his skin condition and explained to her, that in the Chinese way of healing, the skin is deemed as a part of the lung system. The energy of the lung is to breathe and connect the inner body to outside world.
Such skin problems often relate to the person emotionally missing something, clearly depicting the lack of connection from ones inner self to the outside world.
Therefore we had to work on his lung energy and the emotional side of health as well. His mum totally agreed to this explanation. She told me that Anthony was not an outgoing person. His brother Dave, who went to the same school with Anthony, said Anthony often sat alone in class. This broke my heart but I did not know how to help my son, she added.
After 4 electronic acupuncture therapies and an emotion code therapy combining with hypnosis therapy, his face has had lots of improvements, smoother and clearer. Not only that, his personality has changed, he has become more outgoing, resulting in him offering friends ride home after school.  Also, he now helps his mum with the cooking.  He has a much better concentration in school work and in sports.
Digest energy with acceptance emotion
Alison is an interior designer she has excellent skills and experience in her work   but lacking confidence and has long term digestion weakness.  I explain to her how the symptoms relating to her inner organs and emotional health. The physical stomach energy is to digest food and the emotional energy of the stomach is to accept oneself for who we are . The first treatment we did was emotion code, a week later we did hypnosis this is her response to me.
The next two days after your treatment in the morning I experienced some pain around my stomach area. I thought it had to do with being a bit over worked. On the second day during my morning meditation I was thinking of what you had done during the hypnosis. Suddenly a picture of myself as a child came up my mother used to have my hair cut very short as I had very fine hair. She insisted that this would stimulate hair growth. I hated it, I wanted long hair like the other girls and look like a girl. Then I was often mistaken for a little boy and suffered from this. During my meditation I remembered that in the hypnosis you made me look in the mirror and see myself as the little girl. I did this and sent love to me as the little girl with short hair, said that I understand and accept her also with short hair and that she (me) is beautiful and feminine etc. After the meditation the pain was gone! How remarkable!
I am feeling very good at the moment and also lighter.
We will work together more; there is a higher goal to achieve here!
Many thanks and loving thoughts!
Free from emotional pain boost energy
Sam is a successful business owner in his thirties. He come for treatments because of too many stress at work and tired all time, never able to have deep relaxed sleep, also after meal feel bloated.
I explain to him every physical pain behind has an emotional pain, every emotional pain behind is a broken spirit. The healing work has to be done in 3 levels: physical, emotion and the spirit. the energy therapy  to remove the pain and to improve the inner organ function, the emotion code to find out what  negative emotion block his energy to flow and release that negative emotions. The hypnosis is to reprogramming your subconscious level of inner language to connect with your higher self.
Sam was little bit skeptical but have an open mind attitude willing to try.  Sam did the series of combination of treatments.  He is a change man. He is happy ,relaxed  and positive toward work and life .When I meet him at the first time, he have  a serious  expression on his face ,seems he was  carry the whole  world on his shoulder .He never smile. Now he have nice smile on his face all time. He said to me. I find peace and strength in my heart. Thank you.
''You should go to face book.  Many people out there like myself need your help them to find peace."



Nuky is a 30 years old young lady who lives in east Europe. Her sister got married two weeks ago  and she came to New Zealand to join the wedding  ,
Because the sister and husband have  benefited  from Chinerchi therapy . after  the wedding very next day  Nuky come with sister to clinic  to have consultation she had suffered from blocked nose for more than 10 years. She is a business owner and conscious of healthy living.  She can not understand why she have the problems.
My answer is every physical pain is behind  emotional pain. Nose is widower of the lungs. Lung energy  is relating to connection or sadness and loneliness. To healing the block nose need to give the body energy ,use energy therapy also need to find out emotion reason behind this. I designed a package treatment with two energy therapy ,one implant acupuncture and two emotion code and one hypnosis.
At first emotion code session I find out Nuky blocked nose  was relating to she has a heart wall for self protection and separate her from others and she have trapped emotion of loneliness .Nuky mum died  when she is only 17 year old. She think  she was over that sadness but reality is she is not.
But after the first treatment  Nuky nose was 60 % better, the sister said she is a transformed  person. She is more happy and open. After second emotion code and hypnosis therapy Nuky felt the nose is free from blocking, amazingly feel light and happy.


Body talk therapy works wonders!
Last weekend Angela went a training course -a body talk work shop - and had a great experience. Angela is now totally in love with Body Talk.  As clinic member Gina had a cold since last week and came to work today with a running nose and dry cough. Angela treated Gina for 15 minutes, using body talk therapy. Gina felt her head clear instantly and had no more running nose and no more dry cough  for the whole day.
Please click here to find out more information about BODY TALK.
Chinerchi helps Asthma
Michael is an 8 years old boy born with asthma, who has needed to use an inhaler daily for most of his life. He had not been able to play sport nor had he been good at school studies because he was not able to breathe properly and he could not concentrate. Last July his mother brought him to Chinerchi Clinic to have treatments. After six visits Michael's health and life had a great transformation.  Michael started to play sport at school and he has became a good student with all his school marks going up. All his teachers were impressed. Michael started to find new confidence in himself and his parents were extremely happy. After that his parents both started Chinerchi therapy.


Sore Shoulder for last two years had pain removed in first treatment

I am a 56 year Old male, a carpet layer and had a sore right shoulder for the last two years. I have been taking pain killer medication everyday to manage my pain to enable me to work. After my first Chinerchi therapy treatment, my pain was completely gone.
I am over weight and have high blood pressure, was not able to have deep sleep and was lacking of energy. Chinerchi therapy has helped me to have deep relaxed sleep, get up feeling energized. My mind is filled with clear thinking. I felt great!
"Happy" become really happy

My little dog name is "Happy". He is 13 years old, a Yorkshire terrier and Chiwawa cross. "Happy" has a few health problems, sore legs, he did not like to walk  and  is  walk is slow , also "Happy" had half the tongue is falling out. Before Christmas  holiday "Happy" had developed itchy skin problems and often "Happy" scratched himself and his skin looks raw and broken. I   was booked with vet clinic at Christmas eve, but I was too busy to find a hour of free time  that day.
Instead using Emotion code therapy  I decided I can treat animals. I decided to check "Happy" with emotion code to see if his skin condition is relating to trapped emotions. To my surprise Happy did have a few trapped emotions  that made  skin itch relating to abandonment, sore  legs relating to jealousy   and the tongue falling out relating to worthlessness .
Before  "Happy" become my dog he already have 4 owners. Every time he  change home and change owner must have some negative impact to his emotions and physical body. After emotion code therapy "Happy" itchy skin disappeared   and to my other surprise  "Happy"  tongue issue has  solved itself.
My "Happy" is really happy and healthy. This shows me that  Emotion code is amazing therapy.
Night time toilet visits solved
I have a lady patient she is 79 years old with have water retention problems and night time visited  the toilet 3-4 times a night . Now after only 1 emotion code therapy she has  deep sleep  and sound rest. Only gets up 2 times a night. She says  that has not happened in 15 years.


Reduce wrinkles and face

Iam a 64 years old school teacher.  My right eye can not open properly for last 40 years. Doctor said the brain at my head has some damage from the surgery I did at the time, This nerve damage has affected my voice, I can not talk clearly and the voice is very weak.
I have tried many treatments, nothing really works. I stared Facial Implant Acupuncture which has had very good results. My eye can open widely, my voice come back strong.  To my surprised, the wrinkles on my face and neck have been reduced a lot. I am very happy.
Marquerite S 30 Oct 2009
Lose Weight

I have always been the chubby girl and desired to be slim. I have tried everything (exercise, dieting pills, and starvation) but all ended with no results and sometimes I became even fatter than before.
One day a friend of mine told me about the implant acupuncture treatment that can help me to loose weight at Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic, it  has changed my life.
I was 80kg prior to the treatment and now I am 70kg, I have lost 10kg in just 3 months time without doing any exercises while enjoying my favorite foods, and even more my sleeping qualities got much better than before.
My friend said that she had noticed the differences of my size comparing with before, thus Reduce Waist Line program is really a good and healthy way to loose weight.
Ice H 12 June 2007


Success stories



Marise 50 year older come for lose weight, more energy  and reduce anxiety. Emotion code has find out  her trapped emotion is abandonment- that relating after her mother passed away 4 years ago. Almost every day and week, Maris cries for mother death.  After removed trapped emotions Maris stop cry and become happy, start to lose weight and free from anxiety.



 Kristin 55 year older since 17 years  of age  having a sleep problems last 5 years become worse  often she need to up for toilet 5 time a night. after  remove the trapped emotion -was caused during  the pregnancy of her mother  , first time in many years Kristin able to sleep long and deep , only have to up once a night. Also energy treatment has helped her rheumatoid arthritis, poor digestion.


Bad sleep for 4 years

Last week I have a new patient 52 years older Jenny come for bad sleep for 4 years. My diagnosis is: her main problems are in her weakened digestion systems .after three treatments and energy diet. Jenny bloating   was much reduced and sleep better, feels more energy. Jenny common was the energy diet -not to eat protein at night made bid different in her healing process

Ongoing Back Problem More Than 15 Years

I am a 46 yrs old professional male. I have had an ongoing back problem for more than 15 years. In May I hurt my back again (the 3rd time this year) which resulted in an MRI scan which confirmed that I had 2 herniated discs in my lower back. The pain was unbearable causing me to take leave from work for the last 8 weeks. My left sciatica nerve was causing me immense pain also my right foot was swollen. My GP and specialist had me on morphine for the pain and booked me in for a Steroid injection for pain management.
I thought my only option was surgery as was being indicated by my specialist. To me this was not a good idea and decided to look for an alternative. Luckily, I found Angela on her web. After two sessions I was able to stand 80% straight immediately. After 4 days I am standing 95% straight with no pain. I am no longer on prescription pain killers which I had been on for the previous 7 weeks.
Implant acupuncture has worked for me. Besides giving me enormous relief I have a lot more energy, not tired in the morning, able to focus on what I want to achieve and generally feeling a whole better within myself. I am looking forward to returning to work next week.
Phil H, from Bay of Island 26 June 2007


Asthma and Eczema since 3 years old


I am a 30 year old male with asthma and eczema. My asthma and eczema have varied in severity since the age of 3 and I have been hospitalized for one or the other over 20 times, since childhood.


After my 1st energy session with Angela and I felt my skin become less itchy and my breathing become easy almost immediately and on the 1st night I had a much better sleep. Now I have done 5 detox treatments and my quality of life has improved beyond what I thought was possible.


I visited my mother; she broke down in tears, no words can describe how happy she felt after seeing how much pain my skin had given me over the years and how much better it had become. I became a totally different, much healthier and happier person. Thank you Angela, you have changed my quality of life more than I could have ever imagined possible.


Jason M.



Diabetic patients free from medication

Edwin is 42 years older a work at north shore hospital and has diabetes and high blood pressure for last 3 years. He was on medication 3 times a day. He started CET treatment from 16th July. After 3 weeks treatments he stopped all medications. The blood pressure became normal and blood sugar before meal down from 7 down to 4.9. see the video at YouTube...

49 years older lady period coming back

Sei is a 49 years older factory worker with a job need stand all day long. She came to clinic for treating sore feet and bad sleep, after 2 visits Seis sore feet totally gone and the period that has stopped for 2 years come back now. Sei looks vibrant and feels more energetic.


Loosing hair

I am 48 years old. For last 15 years, I  have been gradually loosing hair . I try many kinds of treatments before, but they did not work.  After 7 energy therapies and  3 implant acupuncture treatments, I found that my hair going back.

Prostate Cancer


I am 74 years old . On the 11th of september 2006 I went to my doctor and found out that I have prostate caner. My PSA blood reading was 68. The normal range is 0 -10. I then had further tests which showed that my cancer was spreading in my body and that my doctor thought that I was not suitable for radiotherapy or chemotherapy. I have only been given a 3 injections from doctor. The rest of my treatment has been given chinese energy therapy. My energy levels are better and lastest blood test shows a big improvement. My blood reading for prostate cancer is down to 13 from 68 in just two months. After about 20 months of treatments my PSA is now down to under 1. I used to gets up 2-3 times a night to go to the toilet. Now I get up once or sometimes none at all.

I am intending to keep up my treatment with Angela. I feel much better both physically and mentally.

 Barrie L. 26 August 2008




Rogi is 40 year older professional male and has suffered from arthritis in his hand for the last two years with both his fingers being stiff and painful and unable to bend. After one energy treatment  and one implant acupuncture his fingers now move freely.

Poor blood circulation and skin damage

Doreen is a 87 years old lady visiting the clinic for chronic colon problems and sever abdominal pain.
At the same time she has bad blood circulation and a very thin skin that is easily bruised. After four treatments over two weeks Doreen's bowl motion was natural and abdominally pain free.
Her blood circulation improved and her skin became healthy and strong.

Chronic Asthma

Linda developed Chronic Asthma after she had pneumonia two years ago. Before Linda visited the Chinese energy therapy clinic she used her inhaler 20 times per day. After 10 treatments Linda is inhaler free. Also Linda was light sleeper since she was a teenager. Now she has a deep sound sleep and wakes up feeling fresh and energized.

Energize and Anti- aging

Anna is a retired business woman and still lives quite a full life with lots of travel. Anna visited the Chinese energy therapy clinic  to improve her energy and health.
After three months of treatment Anna's 30 years of chronic back problems were resolved and she became almost pain free.
Anna had a sluggish digestive system which was greatly improved after the course of treatment
She looks like more energize and feels more  youthful.



17 April 2010
Adison is a 23 month old girl. From the age of 8 months she developed asthma. Every night about 11 pm she starts to cough and cry .  Addison was not able to sleep and her parents both can not rest.  . Adison was using an inhaler four times a day and some health supplements. .After her first treatment with chinerchi therapy Addison was able to sleep for the whole night without coughing .After 3 treatments she only uses her inhaler once a day. She is, now, healthier and stronger.
Brain tumor

13 April 2010 Right eye can not focus
20 April 2010   Right eye moves back to the center
Bernie is a 68 years old business coach. On 1st. march 2010 he suddenly had a severe headache. When checked at the hospital he was found to have a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.  As a result Bernie had lost balance and could not stand on one foot and his left eye could not focus. 
Bernie started treatment on 15 April 2010. After 3 treatments the left eye came back to the center. After 8 treatments Bernie got 100% of his balance back. Another benefit of the treatments related to arthritis in his hand which is now pain free. Bernie is now waiting to have another scan to check if the tumor size has changed.
Last Friday 11-June Bernie visited The GP after the doctor checked all his vision and balance, the comment was: absolutely miracle! The doctor decide Bernie can stop his entire medication wait for other 6 weeks the have scan test.