Chinerchi helps patient to reduce the size of cyst in thyroid and avoid surgery

Chinerchi helps patient to reduce the size of cyst in thyroid and avoid surgery.

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Berne is a 25 years old university student. Since last November she has developed symptoms of short of breath, fatigue, trouble with exercise, and struggles with concentration.  She did not have a restful sleep. After doctor’s visit she has been diagnosed with a cyst growing on her thyroid gland. The cyst was so big that it pushed the wind pipe. This caused a restriction and moved the wind pipe 1.5 cm from normal alignment. . This was the reasons for her symptoms. The Doctor used an injection to suck out the fluid from cyst to reduce the size and pressure helps her to breath. A month after treatment her cyst grew back to the same size and Bernie couldn’t breathe properly again.  By February Bernie had had the draining 3 times these medical injections. At the point doctor realized the injection is not working and decides Berne is in need of surgically removing the cyst.

A family friend recommend Berne visit Chinerchi clinic. From 8 March 2014 Berne started weekly treatments. After the only first two visit. Berne feels the change: breath better, not tired, have a deep sleep, can exercise. Now after 8 weeks she is feel 80/ 100 the symptom has reduced.

She is energetically busy with studies and exams. Her cyst is reducing in size.

Berne said the medical injection treatment is very invasive and draining energy.

Chinerchi therapy is friendly, natural, energising. She is looking forward to continue the treatments until 100/100 better.


Review of the treatments

Cyst grow at thyroid is common health issues also the cyst could develop into a cancerous.

In western medicine point of view: the reason of cyst could relate to un- balanced hormones, inflammation on the thyroid gland.

In Chinese medicine any health issues is “qi “and blood not flows well. “Qi “in English language is energy force, the whole body function because of energy. Bernie’s cyst grew indicating dead cell cumulating and unhealthy cell growing,  because the tissues lacks  nutrition it become inflamed. When the body has an issue in one location it does not mean that the problem is limited to that location. In fact is that this is indicating the whole body energy is low.

The treatment plan for Bernie supported the whole body energy flow, when the blood circulating stronger, the inflammation naturally reduced, the size of cyst getting smaller.

Also her whole body become healthier.

The secret of Chinerchi success is support body energy to flow and body can heal itself naturally. That is no disease un-treatable, healing can be simple.